My game Piru Maru coming soon

My game Piru Maru coming soon


The Lifelike and Bizarre Life size Sculptures of Tom Kuebler

There are high-detail life sculptors out there who provide an awesome caliber of realism; sculpture so life-like that even under the closest scrutiny you expect it to move. This kind of art requires the mastery of many mediums, and while I strive to achieve that mastery, realism is secondary to the focus of the work. I want to tell wild stories in a single three-dimensional portrait and literally flesh out a biography with hair, clothing, trinkets, teeth and fingernails, etc. To me, what is most important is to create “the character” first and foremost, because all of the special effects in the world can’t save you if you start with a lousy script.

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Artist & Ceramicist:

Beth Cavener Stichter 

Painted Tattoo Design:

Alessandro Gallo

"Tangled Up in You"

Stoneware, Ink, Paint, Rope.

Total Installation height: 15 Feet from the Top Rope Knot to the


Total Height of the Intertwined Figures:

65” Inches Height, 42” Inches Length and 24” Inches Wide

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Hellboy by Patrick Awa


Mission title cards, Strider 2 (Capcom, 1999)

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Street artist DALeast was born in 1984 in Beijing, China and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied Sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and began making art in public spaces in 2004. His murals can be found in cities around the world including the U.S., Switzerland, Namibia, France, Israel, Australia and China. Check out his website.


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Hulk by Glenn Fabry


Hulk by Glenn Fabry

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i’m pretty busy with work so i don’t know if i will get the time to put them in color soon. But i definitely do it one day !